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Lost Twilight Scenes Series - No. 2 -  Blood Type by UtterlyAbsurdBella Lost Twilight Scenes Series - No. 2 -  Blood Type by UtterlyAbsurdBella

Everyone wishes that the blood typing scene had made it into the movie.  Would have been hilarious.  Here's my vision of what it might have looked like.....and here is an excerpt from Twilight, Chapter 5 - Blood Type.  Hope you like it!

       "Bella?" a different voice called from the distance.

  No! Please let me be imagining that horribly familiar voice.

  "What's wrong — is she hurt?" His voice was closer now, and he sounded upset. I wasn't imagining it. I squeezed my eyes shut, hoping to die. Or, at the very least, not to throw up.

  Mike seemed stressed. "I think she's fainted. I don't know what happened, she didn't even stick her finger."

    "Bella." Edward's voice was right beside me, relieved now. "Can you hea rme?"

    "No," I groaned. "Go away." He chuckled.

  "I was taking her to the nurse," Mike explained in a defensive tone, "but she wouldn't go any farther."

    "I'll take her," Edward said. I could hear the smile still in his voice. "You can go back to class."

    "No," Mike protested. "I'm supposed to do it."

    Suddenly the sidewalk disappeared from beneath me. My eyes flew open in shock. Edward had scooped me up in his arms, as easily as if I weighed ten pounds instead of a hundred and ten.

  "Put me down!" Please, please let me not vomit on him. He was walking before I was finished talking.

  "Hey!" Mike called, already ten paces behind us.

  Edward ignored him. "You look awful," he told me, grinning.

  "Put me back on the sidewalk," I moaned. The rocking movement of his walk was not helping. He held me away from his body, gingerly, supporting all my weight with just his arms — it didn't seem to bother him.

  "So you faint at the sight of blood?" he asked. This seemed to entertain him.

  I didn't answer. I closed my eyes again and fought the nausea with all my strength, clamping my lips together.

  "And not even your own blood," he continued, enjoying himself.

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